Enable network interface on HP MediaSmart – blind method

Today a collegue came to me with his HP MediaSmart server. He accidentially disabled the network interface. Since the server does not have any video output he could not figure out how to enable the network interface again. I found the below information on the Internet:

1. Have a keyboard plugged before the Server is turned on
2. Turn on the Server
3. Wait until you hear almost no disk activity. This could take 10 or more minutes
4. Press [ESC] 2 or 3 times
5. Press [Ctrl+Alt+Del]
6. Hold down [Shift] then press [TAB] briefly 1 time
7. Type: administrator
8. Press [Tab] (again, 1 brief press)
9. Type: your server password
10. Press [Enter] and wait 5 minutes
11. Press [StartMenuKey] + [r]
12. Type: ncpa.cpl
13. Press [Enter]
14. Wait 60 seconds
15. Press [UpArrowKey]
16. Press [Enter]

Unfortunately it did not work. I assumed that I was logged into Windows and I did the following extra steps:
17. Press [StartMenuKey] + [r]
18. type cmd and press enter
19. wait 30 seconds
20. type netsh interface set interface “local area connection” ENABLED
21. press enter

After these steps the network interface was enabled.